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Promising preliminary results







These highly promising preliminary results are derived from a pre-launch test group of individuals living with arthritis who have completed the program. Participants are self-assessed at the start and end of the program to measure levels of anxiety, depression, disability, and health state. While there is no published research for Pathway through Arthritis yet, there are numerous published studies on Wellmind Health's other digital treatment programs.

What program participants say

"The Pathway through Arthritis Course is a must for anyone living in pain with these conditions. The course is hosted by different people from different perspectives and this is very engaging. The self paced modules are great as you can pause the programme whilst you embed the new learning into your day to day life. It's also great as it only lets you learn a few steps at a time so you can't do too much. I have learned so great tips to take away to support my self management and I know you will too. I'd recommend this course to everyone"


Jun 2023

"Enjoyed the whole thing, the short videos were clear and to the point, I especially liked the relaxation sessions, and will go back to these. It truly helped as a reminder that self management is key, listen to your body, try to distract yourself from emotions and pain, find what works for you and do what brings you joy, there is more to us than the condition! Sending an abundance of ease x"


Jun 2023

"I have found the course to be very helpful in managing my condition (reactive arthritis). I'm so glad that my friend recommended it to me and I wish that it was available for everybody with arthritis. I was scared to do physical activity before doing this course but I understand now how it can actually help rather than hurt me. I felt quite hopeless when starting this course but I feel that it has given me the tools I need to live life to the full despite having this debilitating condition. Thanks to everybody who put the course together, I really appreciate it."


Sep 2016