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"The Pathway through Arthritis Course is a must for anyone living in pain with these conditions. The course is hosted by different people from different perspectives and this is very engaging. The self paced modules are great as you can pause the programme whilst you embed the new learning into your day to day life. It's also great as it only lets you learn a few steps at a time so you can't do too much. I have learned so great tips to take away to support my self management and I know you will too. I'd recommend this course to everyone"


Jun 2023

"Enjoyed the whole thing, the short videos were clear and to the point, I especially liked the relaxation sessions, and will go back to these. It truly helped as a reminder that self management is key, listen to your body, try to distract yourself from emotions and pain, find what works for you and do what brings you joy, there is more to us than the condition! Sending an abundance of ease x"


Jun 2023


May 2023

"I have found the course to be very helpful in managing my condition (reactive arthritis). I'm so glad that my friend recommended it to me and I wish that it was available for everybody with arthritis. I was scared to do physical activity before doing this course but I understand now how it can actually help rather than hurt me. I felt quite hopeless when starting this course but I feel that it has given me the tools I need to live life to the full despite having this debilitating condition. Thanks to everybody who put the course together, I really appreciate it."


Sep 2016

I enjoyed working through the course even though I only have arthritis in my right knee. You are all such jolly nice people.


Mar 2016

The course has helped me to think about what I do / am doing and sometimes find new ways to do something that doesn't cause any / so much pain. I also do exercises that I learnt in physiotherapy sessions. I try to do these every day and they help


Aug 2015

The course is very good in that it reminds me of ideas I should be doing to relieve the pain, although I had been doing all of these things for years and only went to the doctor as a last resort and because it was excrutiating. The course has probably cemented my ideas into a more regular structured routine, which I now try to follow throughout the day/week. I don't know if the course should be split into two as a lot of it refers to Rheumatoid Arthritis, whereas I only have Osteo-Arthritis in one knee, so am not so badly off. The course doesn't mention losing weight. Should this be a factor for some people? Does losing weight improve the strain put on joints? I also have a small cushion in bed with me at night, which either goes between my knees, to soften the impact of knee on knee, or I put 'the top' knee on the cushion and straighten the other leg. Going to the doctor has helped enormously, and I don't know why I didn't go before, for with the anti-inflammatories, my knee has gone from being a big balloon, to almost knee sized now. But it still hurts. I hope this is helpful.


Jun 2015

I have really enjoyed the course and found it very helpful. I have already been doing the exercises shown on the course which were given to me by my physiotherapist but I have been practising them on a regular basis. I have found the best exercise for me is swimming and am able to this two to three times a week and I have also managed to cut down on my painkillers because I am making sure I am more mobile. Thank you so much for all the information given and I will be keeping up all the good work.


Jul 2015

Although my arthritis is not as bad as some on this course I still found it very interesting, loved the relaxation classes, they did put me to sleep.


Oct 2014

The course is very good on the psychological side. It helps with your way of thinking and relaxing, especially when I have intense pain. 


Aug 2014

If you are newly diagnosed or struggling with your condition there are lots of helpful things that you could try with self-management.


Jun 2014

I think this would be an excellent course for anyone in the fairly early stages of arthritis or just generally struggling to cope. I am not. I've had 53 years of it. I confess I didn't really expect to learn much and I was right! Let's face it, if you haven't worked out all these things for yourself in 53 years, you'll be in a poor way. They're all worth knowing, though, even if some bits will probably be more helpful to some individuals than others.


May 2014

I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of this course. I felt valued and seen as an individual which surprised me. I found the steps helpful mostly from an emotional / psychological perspective because I have, up to now, struggled with coming to terms with arthritis and how it affects me and how my experience is valid and unique.


Apr 2014

I have enjoyed my journey through this course going at my own pace. The advice from professionals has been informative and cheerful. I found Mandy, the expert patient, was easy to relate to knowing that she lives daily with similar problems to myself. I am pleased that I can still access my personal library for reference and reminders of parts of the course. I also liked that fact that I could see my progress and know the personal benefit that the course has been to me in the last session. Thank you.


Mar 2014